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Court-Ordered Testing in Richmond

Judicial (Court-Ordered) Testing

Courts and related agencies often request or order drug or alcohol testing of individual litigants, or others subject to the courts’ jurisdiction. Test results can weigh heavily in evidence in judicial proceedings, and so the utmost accuracy, reliability and confidentiality is required. Sensitive matters and the well-being of all individuals involved call for great care and respect in every step of the testing process from administration of the testing through the final reporting of results. At ARCpoint Labs of Richmond, we handle every court-ordered drug test with our hallmark reliability and confidentiality.

Court-Ordered Testing Uses

A court-ordered drug or alcohol test is often used in matters such as:

Drug Court

Drug courts rely heavily on properly administered and reported drug tests to determine compliance and enforcement. Test results can often mean the difference between jail time or not..

Court-Mandated Testing & Monitoring

Many situations, such as driving privileges, child custody and visitation privileges and much more depend on reliable, court ordered drug and alcohol test results.

Child Testing & Passive Exposure

A court-ordered drug test can save a child from the effects of an adult’s use and production.

Child Custody

When parents make allegations against each other, courts may turn to drug and alcohol testing to help sort out the truth and keep children safe.

EtG/EtS Urine Alcohol Testing

ARCpoint’s EtG/EtS Urine Alcohol Testing can extend the window for determining whether a person has been drinking long after the alcohol itself has been metabolized and is no longer measurable.

EtG Hair Tests

EtG hair tests are another tool ARCpoint Lab’s of Richmond professionals can use to monitor long-term alcohol use and abuse.

Choosing ARCpoint of Richmond for a Court-Ordered Drug Test

Choose ARCpoint of Richmond as your reliable partner to perform every court-ordered drug test to ensure:

  • The proper identification of the test subject to prevent falsification.
  • Proper sample collection to protect against tampering and ensure accurate results.
  • Kind and respectful treatment of donors in sensitive circumstances..

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